With products that are produced and deployed around the globe, Superior Essex is committed to understanding how our products interact with human health and the environment, and ensuring that those interactions are positive. We constantly strive to improve our manufacturing processes and products through materials innovation, resource management and waste diversion practices. By offering detailed reports about our products and processes, we continue to lead the industry in transparent communications about our progress on this sustainability journey.

We are the only cable manufacturer to achieve the Living Product Challenge certification and to offer Environmental Product Declarations, Health Products Declarations and Multi-Attribute Labels for a variety of communications cable products. Many of our products are manufactured in a certified Zero Waste to Landfill facility and are designed to help our customers reach their sustainability goals by contributing to green building certifications such as the Living Building Challenge, WELL, and LEED v2009 and v4.

We remain dedicated to these efforts by recognizing the value sustainability brings to the customers, industries and communities we serve, because we operate with an understanding that the products which interconnect the world must also respect it.

Learn more about our award winning sustainability efforts being made by Superior Essex Communications as well as those by Essex Wire. 

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