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Superior Essex Corporate

  • Brian Kim is the Chief Executive Officer of Superior Essex, a role he has held since May 2015. During his tenure, Kim has overseen the establishment of the Automotive Strategic Business Unit, establishment of Essex Malaysia, the formation of the High Voltage Winding Wire joint venture, launch of the MagForceX Innovation Center, and construction of a magnet wire facility in Serbia. Prior to his position with the company, Kim served as the President of LG Hausys America and the Principal of A.T. Kearny in Seoul, South Korea. Kim received his Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Statistics from Yonsei University and then earned an Executive MBA from the University of Michigan.

    Brian Kim

    Chief Executive Officer

  • David Gray is the Chief Financial Officer at Superior Essex, a position that he has held for the last two years. Gray had spent the last five years of his career with the company, being promoted from a Vice President of Finance for the Communication and Energy Cable Division to his current role overseeing the whole of a $2B global manufacturer. Prior to coming to Essex, he was a VP of Finance and IT at Cooper Bussman as well as an interim CFO for Digital Blue, where he helped reduce SG&A by 30% leading to a successful acquisition. He earned his degree in Accounting from Penn State, was certified as a CPA by the Maryland Board of Public Accountancy, and received his CMA from the Institute of Management Accountants.

    David Gray

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Anna Basista is the Vice President of Global Human Resources for Superior Essex. It is a role that she has held for nearly four years after also serving as the Vice President of Human Resources for both Essex Magnet Wire as well as Superior Essex over the preceding four. Her servant leadership style has allowed for a steady growth path within the company to now overseeing all human resource efforts. Prior to her role with Superior Essex, Basista spent nearly 15 years as a senior human resources director for several other companies. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Hawaii before achieving a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Elmhurst College. Basista is a member of SHRM with a SHRM-SCP certification as well as holding a Senior Professional in Human Resources Certification from HRCI.

    Anna Basista

    VP, Global Human Resources


Superior Essex Communications

  • Brad R. Johnson has been in the Communications industry for 32 years, the past 19 years with Superior Essex. He currently serves as President of Superior Essex International LP, Communications. Brad joined Superior Essex in January of 1997 as Regional Sales Manager located in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1999, he was promoted to Director of Sales - Premises Markets, then Vice President of Sales - Distribution Markets. In July 2013, Brad was asked to serve as Senior Vice President of Sales, and eventually President of the Communications Business Unit. Prior to joining Superior Essex, Brad worked for GTE Supply and GTE Southwest in various Sales and Marketing roles, as well as for M/A–COM in various Sales Management positions. Brad holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Indiana State University.

    Brad Johnson

    President, Superior Essex Communications

  • Ken Braziel has been in the communications industry for 31 years, the past 9 years with Superior Essex, where he currently serves as its Vice President of Sales Enterprise — Americas. Ken joined Superior Essex in May of 2007 as Regional Sales Manager located in Mansfield, Texas. In January of 2010, Ken was promoted to Director of Sales - West, then Director of Sales - USA and eventually Vice President of Sales - USA. In January 2016, all Enterprise Sales for the Americas was added to Ken’s responsibilities. Prior to joining Superior Essex, Ken worked as a consultant, as well as in a variety of sales, sales management and structured cabling positions. Ken received his RCDD in June of 1993 and has conducted industry trainings around the country on industry trends, installation practices and sales strategies.

    Ken Braziel

    VP, Superior Essex Communications Enterprise Sales

  • Will Bryan is Vice President of Broadband Sale for Superior Essex International LP with over 25 years of telecommunications industry experience in sales and marketing, product management and design engineering. Prior to Superior Essex, Will worked for Aurora Networks, Dasan Networks, Harmonic and Scientific Research Corporation. Will holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Auburn University.

    Will Bryan

    VP, Superior Essex Communications Broadband Sales

  • Buddy Chastain has been with Superior Essex Communications since 1986, and he currently serves as the company’s Vice President of Customer Experience & Supply Chain Management. During his tenure, he has been responsible for working capital management, service center management, customer service management, procurement management, logistics management, inventory planning and for serving as a member of several process improvement implementation teams. Buddy earned his B.S. in Industrial Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology and his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of South Florida. Prior to joining Superior Essex, he worked for a military contractor in quality assurance and for a family-owned, commercial construction business.

    Buddy Chastain

    VP, Superior Essex Communications Customer Experience and Supply Chain Management

  • Brian Ensign is the Superior Essex Communications Vice President of Marketing. His industry experience spans nearly three decades, all of which have been focused on the technology and market development activities within the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) community. Brian has been active in structured cabling, intelligent spaces, sustainability, partnerships and cyber security spaces while aiming to deliver industry leading product solutions that focus on enabling technology and intelligent spaces with sustainability in mind. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from the SUNY Polytechnic Institute and has RCDD, NTS, OSP, and RTPM designations from BICSI, where he was also a former President of the organization.

    Brian Ensign

    VP, Superior Essex Communications Marketing

  • Eric is a results-driven Business Management Executive with broad based expertise leading effective business strategy, operations performance, and cross-functional team leadership in support of quality initiatives at multi-million dollar organizations. He has worked in multiple positions at Superior Essex since 1997, where he has provided executive leadership for all Quality Management functions and staff across multiple production facilities in the United States; deployed standards and best practices across all production facilities, capturing key gains in efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. He earned his Masters of Science in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of South Caroline, where he also obtained his Bachelor of Science degree.

    Eric Perry

    VP, Superior Essex Communications, Quality and Applications Engineering


Essex Magnet Wire

  • Joshua Fennig is the President of Essex Europe, a role that he took in early 2019 after two years as the Vice President of Asia Pacific for the company. Fennig is one of several leaders within the organization that boasts two decades of continued employment with Superior Essex, working in a range of roles, elevating himself every few years based on production and results. Fennig has demonstrated a skill for reversing inefficient processes and driving innovation, sales, and growth across the globe. He has worked in various roles at locations in the United States, Portugal, China, and Germany. Fennig received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Tri-State University (Trine University).

    Joshua Fennig

    President, Essex Magnet Wire Europe

  • Baber Inayat is the President of Essex Magnet Wire – North America, a role which makes him responsible for all magnet wire operations in North America and non-automotive markets. Over the past 15 years, Inayat has held positions of increasing responsibility at Essex. Most recently he built and then led the Essex Magnet Wire Automotive Business Unit which has developed custom magnet wire solutions for the electric vehicle manufacturers. Previous to this appointment he was the Global Vice President of Technology & Customer Care where he led the Essex Magnet Wire R&D efforts. He holds numerous patents for magnet wire insulation systems and magnet wire manufacturing processes. Inayat obtained a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Engineering Management from Drexel University, plus an Executive Education (C.P.D) from The Wharton Business School.

    Baber Inayat

    President, Essex Magnet Wire North America

  • Ing. Klaus Borstner is currently the President of Essex Italy and is leading the continued evolution and market leadership of our energy focused business in the field of CTC and other multi-enameled copper products. He has a 30 years of experience in the electrical industry, in various senior positions, and during his career he has developed vast global experience by living and working in Southeast Asia, the United States, and China. Prior to his time with Essex, he spend more than 20 years at Elin, an Austrian company that become Siemens in the field of HV-applications and transformers. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering which aids in his understanding of processes and innovation.

    Klaus Borstner

    President, Essex Energy Italy

  • Greg Caudill is the Vice President of Technology and Engineering for Essex Magnet Wire. He is tasked with manufacturing technology, operations execution, new product introduction and launch, as well as magnet wire central tool & die operation, and technical services. Caudill has worked for Superior Essex in multiple roles over the last 21 years, spending some of that as the VP of Technology and Customer Care as well as the Director of Engineering and Design Engineering Manager. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Indiana Institute of Technology prior to joining the company.

    Greg Caudill

    VP, Engineering and Technology Essex Magnet Wire

  • Matt Leach is the Vice President of Innovation for Essex globally, launching and overseeing the MagForceX Innovation Center during the last three years. Leach has worked with Superior Essex -- ​with increasing responsibilities -- in technology and operations for nearly 25 years. Most recently Leach served as Vice President of Operations ​for Essex North America. He is ​currently tasked with leading a team of experts across a multitude of disciplines to solve the next wave of technological questions. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree ​in Mechanical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and holds an MBA from ​Indiana University.

    Matt Leach

    VP, Innovation

  • Jared Rowntree is the Vice President of Asia Pacific for Essex Asia, a role that he has held since January 2019. Rowntree has been with the organization for nearly a decade, operating as a Materials Manager, Operations Manager, Plant Manager, and Managing Director which grew his skillset and leadership ability that helped elevate him to his current role. Prior to coming to Essex, he worked for two other, leading manufacturers. Rowntree has his degrees from Queens University as well as Conestoga College.

    Jared Rowntree

    VP, Essex Magnet Wire Asia Pacific


Essex Brownell and Hi-Wire

  • XX

    Michael McIlwain

    President, Essex Brownell and Hi-Wire



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    Valery Mercier

    President, Global Enamels


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